Town Government & Bylaw Committee

The Town Government and Bylaw Committee is an advisory committee pursuant to G.L.c. 39, Section 16. It consists of five (5) members appointed for terms of three years each. The members of the Town Government and Bylaw Committee are appointed by an appointing committee consisting of the Moderator, the chairman of the Board of Selectmen, and the chairman of the Finance Committee.

The Committee reviews all warrant articles which would, if adopted, affect or require changes in Town of Rockport Code of Bylaws. The committee is also responsible for the decennial review of these by-laws. The Committee does not review warrant articles pertaining to zoning bylaws.

For Town Meeting, the Committee prepares a written report pertaining to any warrant articles reviewed, stating the Committee's recommendations for favorable or unfavorable action and the reason's therefore.

Procedure for Submitting Petition Articles for Town Meeting Warrants

Petition Form for Petitioner's Warrant Article

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Board Members

Name Title
Elizabeth Fisher Co-chairman
Robert Sonia Member
Kathleen Skrabut Clerk