Rockport Affordable Housing Trust

The Rockport Affordable Housing Trust Fund (RAFHT) was established by vote at Town Meeting in 2017 in response to the need to increase housing options for low and moderate income households. The vision of the Rockport Affordable Housing Trust Fund is to provide for, but is not limited to, the creation, preservation, rehabilitation and conversion of housing to provide
opportunities in Affordable housing. The RAFHT is committed to the vision that a diverse economic and demographic mix of year-round residents is critical to the well being of our town.

Operating Principles to accomplish our vision:

● Communicate - Engage town residents in an inclusive manner.

● Collaborate - Work with town officials, committees, and boards to foster affordable housing efforts

● Promote Affordable Housing - Increase the inventory of Affordable housing units that count on the State Subsidized Housing Inventory.

● Target Housing Need - Use the Housing Production Plan (HPP) to specifically target needs and identify opportunities, such as, but not limited to, suitable town-land or creative use of existing properties. And to be responsive to the demographic and housing trends.

● Address Town Zoning and Policy Barriers - Advocate for housing and zoning
policies and by-laws that facilitate Affordable housing.

● Use Resources Wisely- Pursue and use all available funding opportunities and
in-kind resources in the planning and development of affordable housing.

● Pursue a Variety of Opportunities for Affordable Housing - Identify a variety of housing units and sizes to match the diversity of Rockports needs.

● Encourage Design for Excellence - Engage and encourage developers to design what reflects the appropriate contextual style of Rockport with current best practices in energy efficiency and land management technologies.


Diane Vella


Robert Simmons

Vice Chair

Peter Souza


Amy Beaton


Denise Donnelly