Maps for Cape Ann Hikes

PDF files and links for the GaiaGPS app

Cape Ann trails

The files attached below contain maps for some of the hikes the Sunday morning hiking group has done. The first file shows the hikes on one map, and the other files show individual hikes.

You could also use the GaiaGPS app to follow individual hikes. Installing this app on your device would allow you to upload these links and hike these trails with GPS activated to keep you on track. Here are brief descriptions and links to uploadable files on the GaiaGPS website:

  1. Delamater Sanctuary from Golf Club – 1.6 mi.
  2. Babson Museum to Old Rockport Road and Five Babson Boulders – 2.8 mi.
  3. Briar Swamp Loop from Summit Ave. – 3.1 mi
  4. Pigeon Cove Quarries (2) from Granite Pier - Flat Ledge and Steel Derrick   – 2.3 mi.
  5. Pigeon Cove Quarries (6) from Granite Pier – 3.5 mi.
  6. Blueberry Lane & Woodland Acres from Pigeon Hill St. – 1.8 mi.
  7. Pine Pit to Gloucester Quarries and Kleimola Reservation – 2.5 mi.
  8. Halibut Point – 0.75 to 2.5 mi.
  9. Norton Woods from Revere Street – 2.8 mi.
  10. Squam Rd. down Common Rd. to Whales Jaw, Dogtown and back – 4.5 mi.
  11. Goose Cove Reservoir from Gee Ave. with side loop to Dogtown  – 2 mi. reservoir + 1.7 mi. loop
  12. Dogtown and Babson Boulder Trail from Cherry Street (Gloucester) – 2.9 mi.