Employee of the Month

December 2021
Officer Michael Anderson

Officer Anderson joined the department in 2009 as a Reserve Officer and became a full-time officer in 2013. In the fall of 2021, he took over the role of School Resource Officer for the Rockport Schools. His passion for his new role as SRO and unwavering commitment and dedication to the community and RPD are deeply appreciated. Thank you Officer Anderson!         

Anderson EOM

November 2021
Sergeant Mary Fountain

Sergeant Fountain joined the department in 2017 as a Reserve Officer and was promoted to Sergeant in 2021. In addition to her duties as a Sergeant, she has taken on many other roles and responsibilities including Elder Affairs Officer, Recruitment and Training Supervisor, and Background Investigator. We are very grateful for her commitment and dedication to RPD and the Town of Rockport.  



October 2021
Jared Lopez
Reserve Police Officer

Officer Lopez has had a positive impact on the department since joining the department at a Reserve Officer in May 2021. We are thankful for his ongoing commitment and dedication to the community and RPD.   

Officer Lopez

September 2021
Heather Eldridge
Full-time Dispatcher

Heather is one of three full-time dispatchers in Rockport.  Our dispatchers handle all emergency and non-emergency calls and they are the heart and soul of the department. As a life-long resident of Rockport, Heather has a strong connection to the residents and community. Her compassion, ability to make quick-decisions and remain calm under extreme pressure are a few of the many attributes that make her an amazing dispatcher.

Heather Eldridge

August 2021
Nate Morrill
Full-time Dispatcher

Nate is one of three full-time dispatchers serving Rockport. Our Dispatchers handle all emergency and non-emergency calls. His calm-demeanor, positive attitude, and ability to handle complex calls/situations have made him an invaluable member of the department.

Nate Morrill

July 2021
Michelle Rowe
Office Manager

Michelle was nominated for her role as Officer Manager. Michelle has been with the department for three years and handles all the administrative tasks for the department.

Michelle Rowe

June 2021
Officer Phil Wesley
Patrolman, School Resource Officer, IT Coordinator

A special congratulations to Officer Wesley for being awarded our first Employee of the Month! Officer Wesley was nominated for his role as our school resource officer as well as his work as our department IT coordinator.

Phil Welsey

September 2021