Employee of the Month

June 2021

Officer Phil Wesley
Patrolman, School Resource Officer, IT Coordinator

A special congratulations to Officer Wesley for being awarded our first Employee of the Month! Officer Wesley was nominated for his role as our school resource officer as well as his work as our department IT coordinator. Thank you Officer Wesley for your ongoing commitment and dedication to the community.

Phil Welsey

July 2021

Michelle Rowe
Office Manager

Michelle was nominated for her role as Officer Manager. Thank you Michelle for your dedication and commitment to RPD and the community.

Michelle Rowe

August 2021

Nate Morrill
Full-time Dispatcher

Nate is one of three full-time dispatchers serving Rockport. Our Dispatchers handle all emergency and non-emergency calls. His calm-demeanor, positive attitude, and ability to handle complex calls/situations have made him an invaluable member of the department.

Nate Morrill