Chief's Welcome

Welcome to the Rockport Police Department Website. It is my honor and privilege to introduce you to the outstanding work of the dedicated men and women of our department, who work in partnership with our citizens to maintain a safe and secure community. Our mission is to provide quality service with the highest level of integrity and professionalism.

Our department is comprised of 18 full-time sworn members, 1 full-time civilian dispatchers, 4 reserve officers, and 2 civilian support staff members. We utilize a variety of means to address public safety matters, with open communication being the most important. We pride ourselves on working with our citizens, stakeholders, and regional partners to continually improve the quality of life in the Town of Rockport.

Rockport is home to a diverse population that requires the very best in public service.

Our senior community members are extremely important to us and we continually seek to develop ways to provide them the services they need.

Our school-age residents are the future of Rockport and provide us with the opportunity to form lasting friendships. We accept our responsibility as role models and strive to instill sustainable positive impressions.

Our business owners provide unique services that assist in maintaining Rockport’s charm, while advancing the Town’s future.

The visitors to Rockport play an important role and we recognize our duty to facilitate a welcoming community for all to enjoy.

Finally our Rockport citizenry are the reason we as a police department exist. We seek to serve our citizens with the highest level of professionalism, compassion, and responsiveness.

As a police department we do not do this alone. We collaborate with Town leaders and other Town departments to ensure the safety of scheduled events, as well as immediate emergency response during unexpected or serious incidents. It is those who support us and stand with us when the need arises, that contribute to our success as a department.

On behalf of the Rockport Police Department I want to thank you for taking the time to explore our website and supporting our officers.


Chief John Horvath
Rockport Police Department

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
John Horvath Chief of Police 978-546-1212
Mark Schmink Assistant Chief of Police 978-546-1212, Ext. 20
Michael Marino Lieutenant 978-546-1212, Ext. 18
William Budrow Sergeant/Lifeguard Supv/Detail Supv. 978-546-1212, Ext. 25
Daniel Mahoney Sergeant/Firearms Instructor/Firearms Licensing/Background Investigator/Traffic & Parking Supervisor 978-921-1212, Ext.15
Mary Fountain Sergeant & Elder Affairs Officer/Background Investigator/Sexual Assault Investigator 978-546-1212, Ext. 13
Philip Wesley Patrolman/SRO/Information Technology/Domestic Violence Officer 978-546-1212, Ext. 30
Gregory George Patrolman/Breathalyzer Admin. 978-546-1212, Ext. 32
Michael Anderson Patrolman/Court Officer/Firearms Licensing 978-546-1212, Ext. 45
Corbin Keating Patrolman 978-546-1212, Ext. 46
Michael Foote Patrolman 978-546-1212, Ext. 47
Kenneth Pedone Patrolman 978-546-1212, Ext. 43
Daniel Cashman Patrolman 978-546-1212, Ext. 51
Nicholas Scatterday Patrolman 978-546-1212, Ext. 35
John Clifford Patrolman 978-546-1212 Ext. 50
Fredy Buruca Permanent Intermittent 978-546-1212, Ext. 29
Robert Hanton Permanent Intermittent 978-546-1212, Ext. 27
Juan Mira Civilian Dispatcher & Permanent Intermittent 978-546-1212, Ext 53
Richard Santosuosso Permanent Intermittent 978-546-1212
Matthew Barney Dispatcher & Permanent Intermittent 978-546-1212
Patrick Byrnes Permanent Intermittent 978-546-1212
Heather Eldridge Civilian Dispatcher 978-546-1212
Nate Morrill Per Diem Dispatcher 978-546-1212
Michelle Rowe Office Manager 978-546-1212, Ext. 19