Personnel Board

The Personnel Board consists of 5 members appointed by the Selectmen for a term of 3 years.

The Board administers Chapter 5 of the Rockport Code of Bylaws and the Rockport Personnel Board Regulations in conjunction with the Director of Human Resources. 

The Board maintains a written job description subject to the Regulations; oversees and reviews the Annual Performance Reviews, recommends to the Selectmen merit pay increases based on the Performance Reviews, recommends COLA adjustments to the Town, periodically reviews the compensation schedules for Town employees, reviews the Town's personnel policies and makes recommendations to the Selectmen, and submits an annual report to the Town.

All employee related questions, concerns, issues, and complaints are handled by the Director of Human Resources.

To reach the Personnel Board please contact the Human Resources Departmant at 978-546-5004.

Board Members

Name Title
David Kearns Chair
Susan Crown Member
James B. King Member
Elwin Richter Member
Aileen Morrissey Member
Mitchell Vieira Director of Human Resources