Appeal / Hearing Process

Appeals or Hearing requests for a ticket must be done within 21 days from the date of the original violation in writing. Please be aware that you must choose between doing either a written appeal or appearing in person for a hearing. Once a decision is made in either case it is final. Appeals after this 21-day period will be heard solely at the discretion of the hearing officer and may not be granted. Again, all appeals/requests must be made in writing; they may also be done online at: Parking Ticket Appeal.    

Please note:  Obstructing traffic or parking on a crosswalk or sidewalk is a violation even if it is only partial.

The following do not constitute valid reasons for dismissing a ticket:

  • You did not see the NO PARKING sign or RESIDENTS ONLY sign
  • You did not know that parking was restricted in that area (such as a RESIDENTS ONLY parking zone)
  • You were there only for a short time
  • You have never been ticketed for this violation before
  • There were no other places to park
  • You think that the fine is too high and can't afford to pay it
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