New Proposed DPW Facility

The Rockport Department of Public works is a 24 hour a day operation. Crews of dedicated public workers are on-call to make the quality of life in the Town of Rockport as good as it can be.   “The Barn”, as it’s endearingly referred to, is located opposite the Rockport Service Station on Main St, and has been the base of operations since 1958. It was converted from a storage garage to house the base of operations as Rockport was experiencing a significant population growth. As a result, the utility infrastructure needed to keep up. Since 1958, the Rockport DPW has overseen countless capital projects that make Rockport what it is today. 

Currently, the conditions of The Barn today are subpar. The footprint of the building is simply inadequate to house the base of operations efficiently. As a result, millions of dollars of assets, including heavy machinery, plows, and dump trucks are parked outside. In addition to the space constraints, it is in violation of several modern fire codes; it does not have a sprinkler system, nor does it have a proper ventilation unit installed to mitigate vehicle exhaust fumes. Often on cold mornings, when the staff arrive and start the vehicles, clouds of exhaust permeate the entire building, including the offices and restrooms.

In 2016, the Town of Rockport contracted the services of Weston and Sampson to draft a proposal for a new DPW Facility. Follow the links to the left to see what they came up with!