Application For Use Of Millbrook Meadow

Application for Use of Millbrook Meadow
Application for Use of Millbrook Meadow


Applicant will be responsible for additional costs for police, sanitary units, etc.

Applicant understands that there is no electrical or water service, and there are no restrooms or parking
within the park.

Millbrook Meadow is a public park and other events may be happening at the same time as yours.

The Town of Rockport cannot assume any liability for damage to personal property while on Townowned

Some parts of the park (both Meadow and Pond area) are not accessible to handicapped persons.
Adults must accompany and supervise children at all times.

Leash and pick up after your pets.

Respect our wildlife habitat; do not feed animals or harm plants.

Littering is prohibited. Please carry out your trash.

Alcoholic beverages are prohibited for events unless you have obtained prior approval from the Board of


No fires.

Park closes at sunset.


Organized Groups numbering ten people or more may require a permit. Fees are based upon duration
and size of event, and impact upon the park. The fee is calculated by a charge of $1.00 per person
attending the event, with a maximum charge of $200.00.

If it is determined your event caused damage to the park, the applicant will be charged a fee to restore
the park to its condition prior to the event.

All fees paid by check and payable to “Town of Rockport”. Returned checks are subject to a service fee.

In the event that you must cancel, please notify the Millbrook Meadow Committee at least 24 hours prior
to your reservation.

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