Long Beach Options Committee (inactive)

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All Long Beach"cottages" are in FEMA Special Flood Hazard Areas, which are flooded by a storm surge. On top of the storm surge, the front row's VE zone has waves higher than 3 feet, while the back rows' AE zone has waves up to 3 feet.

The approved motion for the Long Beach Options Committee as per the amended Article X of the Spring 2021 Town Meeting is as follows:

"The Committee will consider the Town’s options when the current Long Beach leases expire in 2023, with due regard for environmental issues, in particular rising sea levels, and the need to repair or replace the seawall.

The Committee will consider the possible renewal of the Long Beach cottage leases, and also the possible sale of all or portions of the Long Beach property, and the cost, benefits and detriment to the Town of Rockport of all the options considered.  The Committee will hold a public hearing to present a report not later than two weeks prior to the 2022 Annual Town Meeting and the Committee will present [their] report at that meeting.”

We have placed all of our information on a Google Drive for the public to view or download: bit.ly/LongBeachOptions

The committee members were

Member NameCommittee Office
Kenneth KaiserChair
Tom Mikus (Planning)Vice Chair
Dianne Finch (Conservation)Corresponding Secretary
Lawrence Neal (Public Works) 
Laurene Wessel (Finance) 
Deirdre Clancy-Kelley 
Mary Devaney 
Paul Sena