Minutes, Agenda, Submitted Applications, Compliance Issues and other Commission Documents

Other Rockport Historical District Commission Documents

You may view/download HDC guidelines and applications, current and past agenda, minutes of meetings, historical district maps, submitted applications and decision letters by following this link. This link will take you to a Google site that is providing storage for the documents.

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  • Not all past documents are available, for example electronic submitted applications and decision letters has been a recent addition to our document set. These documents are titled with the property address and application date.
  • Agenda documents and meeting minutes are organized in sub-folders by year.

Storage Index

  • Guidelines – Historic district guidelines 
  • The Application Process - The commissions Application Procedures.  Must read when submitting an application.
  • Application Regulations -  Another must read when submitting an application.
  • Application – A downloadable application that should be submitted to the town clerk’s office. 
  • Meeting Minutes – Past meeting minutes organized by year 
  • Meeting Agenda – Past meeting agenda organized by year 
  • Submitted Applications – Applications titled by date and property location 
  • Decision Letters – Decisions titled by date and property location 
  • Maps – Maps of the 4 Rockport Historic districts 
  • Pictures – Electronically pictures submitted to the commission 
  • Bearskin neck Inventory and Pictures – Work products from the ongoing effort to add Bearskin Neck to the downtown historical district.

Questions/Comments may be directed to any member of the HDC.  Send Email to RockportHistorical@gmail.com, add name to subject line to direct email to a specific member.

  • James Ugone (Chairman)
  • Lynn Finnegan
  • Kenneth Kaiser
  • Tom Stockton
  • Paul Woodbury
  • Kate Johns