The Rockport Harbormasters oversee Rockport's four harbors; Rockport, Granite Pier, Pigeon Cove, and White Wharf. There are over 360 vessels in these harbors; one third of which are commercial fishing vessels and the other being powers, sail, and pleasure boats. The Rockport harbormasters are certified Massachusetts Harbormasters and EMTs. All members of the Harbor Department are licensed Captains and are first-aid trained. Massachusetts Harbormasters enforce Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 90B and 102. The Rockport Harbormasters are Massachusetts Shellfish Constables and enforce the Massachusetts Shellfish laws. Our Department works closely with the United Stated Coast Guard, Environmental Police, U.S. Customs, and other related agencies. Assisting the public search and rescue along with community relations is a large part of the what a harbormaster does during the season. 


Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Scott Story Rockport Harbormaster 978-546-9589
Rosemary Lesch Rockport Habormaster 978-546-9589
Ron Petoff Assistant Harbormaster 978-546-9589
Story Reed Assistant Harbormaster 978-546-9589