Harbor Advisory Committee

The Harbor Advisory Committee (HAC) is charged by the Board of Selectmen; the Committee provides the Town Administrator, Board of Selectmen and Harbor Department assistance in matters to do with the Waters, Harbors, and Beaches in the Town including setting and updating the Rules and Regulations for the Town's Harbors, Waters, and Beaches.  The Committee offers insight and recommendations to the Selectmen for the annual appointment or reappointment of the Town's Harbormaster(s), Assistant Harbormasters, and Shellfish Officer. The Committee works with the Army Corps of Engineers and Harbor Department during the dredging or changing in any way of the Town's Harbors,  discusses and advises the Harbor Department as to the issuance of new or relocation of existing moorings, advises the Harbor Department with the "Rockport Harbor Department Mooring Gear Regulations", pier storage and allocation of sheds, and more.   

Board Members

Name Title
Phil Crotty Secretary
Larry Stepenuck Member
Bob MacIsaac Member
Steve Budrow Vice-Chairperson
David Stillman Chairperson
Whitney Boyle Member