area map of Green Communities

The Green Communities Designation and Grant Program has helped 185 cities and towns earn Green Community designation. As energy leaders in Massachusetts, Green Communities are eligible for state grants. More than $65 million from those Green Community grants is already at work in 155 communities, with more than $6 million in additional grants for energy projects in the newest 30 designated communities.

In late 2015 the Board of Selectmen appointed a Green Community Task Force to pursue this designation for Rockport. The task force submitted an application for the next round in November 2016. Working with the town's departments, boards and committees, this effort included submitting two articles to town meeting, an inventory of energy use by the town government, and a plan to reduce that use by 20% within five years. In February 2017 the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources designated Rockport as a Green Community. The designation came with a grant for $148,670.

state map of Green Communities