Granite Pier Committee

The Granite Pier Committee manages all the affairs of Granite Pier in the interest of the Town; produces all policies and contracts, handles all mailings and receipts, supervises the seasonal employees,  provides oversight and authority for all Pier activities, and advises the Board of Selectmen and the Town with matters pertaining to Granite Pier.

In April of 2019 the Board of Selectman accepted newly recorded but long standing 'Rules and Procedures' of Granite Pier. This document will act as a guide for those with questions on use of the pier and for those using the pier for storage and daily use. Please take a look at this document in the PDF's on the upper left of this page.

To reach a Granite Pier Committee Member, please email [email protected].  Please send a detailed message and a committee member will be sure to answer any questions you may have in a timely manner.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who to make checks payable to?    Town of Rockport

Does my Trailer Need to Have a Wheel?   Yes or you may have an operable stand for larger boats

Is There a Waiting List in Rockport?   Yes, there is a waiting list posted to the left of this page.  We encourage you to get on the list as soon as possible by submitting an email request to [email protected]

When do the Vessels and Trailers Need to be Moved from Storage?   Refer to contract signed for seasonal changes 

Can I Transfer my Privileges to Someone Else?   No, contracts may not be assigned to others nor can you sublet your space to others

How do I Keep my Kayak on the Rack?    Space is limited, please send written request to [email protected]

Board Members

Name Title
John Thompson Chair
Charles Nichols Member
Michael Tupper Member
Eric Rask Member
Greg Morrill Member
Patrick Herlihy Granite Pier Boat Coordinator
Scott Story Ex-Officio
Rosemary Lesch Ex-Officio