The Town's Fire Safety group consists of the following 6 categories: The Board of Fire Engineers, Emergency Management, The Fire Department, The Fire Prevention Office, The Forest Fire Department, and Local Emergency Planning.

The Board Of Fire Engineers consists of the Fire Chief and two Assistant Chiefs. They are Chief James Doyle, Assistant Chief Kirk Keating, and Assistant Chief Stephen Abell.

The command staff is as follows:

Sandy Bay Engine Company: Captain Andrew Porter,  Interim Lieutenant Jason Doyle, Interim Lieutenant Michael Elwell

Squad One: Captain Mark Wonson, Lieutenant Andrew Lake

Ladder One: Captain Douglas Anderson, Interim Lieutenant Donald Poole 

Speedwell Engine Company: Captain Franklyn Favaloro, Lieutenant Jeffery Budrow

The Engineers are responsible for preparing budgets, approving invoices, payrolls, training, vehicle maintenance, fire reports, overseeing 4 companies & personnel, record keeping, equipment purchases, and maintenance.

The Engineers also work with other local Chiefs and the Essex County Mutual Aid system.

The Forest Fire Department

The Rockport Forest Fire Department is headed by warden Michael Frontierro and staffed by twelve full-time members and are on call 24 hours/day and 7 days/week.

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Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
James Doyle Fire Chief 978-265-6909
Kirk Keating Asst. Chief 978-546-6750
Stephen Abell Asst. Chief 978-580-0669