Finance Committee

The Finance Committee's prime responsibility is to make recommendations to Town Meeting on all financial matters including the annual operating budget, capital projects, borrowing, and funding sources. State statute requires every town to hold at least one annual Town Meeting in the spring at which a budget is passed. Massachusetts General Law also requires that any town with a budget of over $1 million must establish an advisory finance committee. The Finance Committee advises and reports to the voters at Town Meeting. The Committee's goal is to ensure that voters understand the issues involved - and especially the financial implications - of every article at Town Meeting, in order that voters may make informed decisions.

The Finance Committee meets throughout the year but most regularly from the end of January until Town Meeting in April, and from the beginning of August until Town Meeting in September. The Commmittee meets with the Board of Selectmen and Town Moderator the Tuesday before a Town meeting to discuss the motions and procedures. The Committee in session during Town meetings in case a vote is called for, and can call extra meetings as necessary.

The public is invited to attend. All proceedings of the Finance Committee are subject to the Open Meeting Law and all minutes and financial information discussed at meetings is available to the public.

Board Members

Name Title
William Wagner Chairperson
Wally Hess Vice Chair
June Michaels Member
Ian Crown Member
Ann McDonald Member
Beth Sullivan Member
Don Southard Member