Transfer Station Coupons Online

Bulk item coupons for use at the transfer station may be purchased online using the sticker sales online page here.  PLEASE REVIEW brief tutorial below on the coupon purchasing process.

Follow the link above and scroll to the bottom of the page.  Click "Yes" and on the resulting page select your address, just like when you purchased your transfer station sticker.  Once you've selected your address, click the "Continue" button.  The next page should look familiar as it is the same page you used to purchase your transfer station sticker.  However, since you've already purchased a transfer station PAYT or Flat-fee sticker, you should now see an option to purchase coupons, that wasn't there before.  Just below the question about the Senior discount is another question that only appears if your address couponwas used to purchase a transfer station sticker.  

The question says "Check here for Transfer Station Coupons:"  Click on the box next to the red arrow.  (The red arrow doesn't appear on the web page.)  Where the page previously listed available stickers to purchase, it will now list the bulk item coupons available for purchase instead.  Make your selection and complete your purchase the same way you did when you purchased your transfer station sticker!  The web site will provide you with a pdf file that you can then print and take with you to the transfer station with your bulk item(s) to be disposed of.