DPW-Transfer Station Division

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The Transfer Station and Town Hall offices close on most state holidays, please plan accordingly and call in advance.

Holidays and Inclement Weather may affect hours of operation
call Transfer Station for hours 978-546-3578

PAYT BAGS and Bulk Item coupons are SOLD at the transfer station - checks and credit card accepted

The Transfer Station is the Town’s solid waste disposal and recycling center.  Users of the Transfer Station are required to purchase a Transfer Station Sticker to gain entrance into the facility.  The Town of Rockport utilizes a Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT) solid waste disposal program that allows a resident or business to pay a per-unit fee for disposal of the solid waste that they generate and is an effective mechanism for encouraging real waste reduction at the municipal level.  This is done through the purchase of PAYT Bags by residents and businesses. This creates a direct economic incentive to recycle more and to generate less waste in order to minimize the amount of bags needing to be purchased. 

Bag SizeCost per roll (10 bags) as of 2/1/23 (voted at Public Meeting 3/4/22)
Under Cabinet Wastebasket (8 gal.) 20" x 24"$5
Kitchen (16 gal.) 24" x 28"$15
Trash Can (35 gal.) 35" x 36"$30
Contractor (55 gal.) 36" x 43.5"$45

Bags are available at the following locations:

Rockport Transfer Station
Cumberland Farms
Rockport Market
Shaw's (Gloucester)
Stop & Shop (Gloucester)
Market Basket (Gloucester)


Disposal of any large bulky item that exceeds thirty (30) inches in any one measurement requires the purchase of a Bulk & Specialty Item Coupon for each item. Bulk & Specialty Item Coupons can be purchased by credit card or check at the Transfer Station by check. MATTRESSES are accepted for a $40 fee in compliance with the DEP textile BAN.

Bulk Item Coupons must be given to the Transfer Station Attendant prior to disposing of items in the solid waste trailers. For a list of Bulk & Specialty item fees, check at the Transfer Station booth.  Please note that construction demo materials such as wood, asphalt, brick and concrete have disposal volume limits.  If you have a large volume of these materials please seek an alternate place for disposal.

Mercury Recovery Program

Mercury is an element that can be harmful to human health and the environment if not managed properly. The town is collecting mercury devices, such as Thermostats, Thermometers, Mercury Switches, and Button Cell Batteries.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I purchase Rockport Stickers?

Stickers may be purchased online including resident parking, non-resident beach parking stickers, and Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT) stickers.

You can pay for your stickers online with a VISA, Mastercard, Discover or American Express credit or debit card or by check. If you have difficulty with your order please email the DPW at DPW@Rockportma.gov or call City Hall Systems by phone at (508) 381-5455 or 5456.

What is the process to get stickers online?

Fill out the online sticker application and click on the submit button. Once you have submitted the application, you will receive an email notification that your order has been received. Your order will then be processed and upon verification of your information, you will receive another email that notifies you that your order has been successfully processed and your stickers have been mailed. Usually, stickers will be mailed within a week of receipt of your application. If there are any questions regarding your information, we will contact you. You can also check in at the DPW Office 978-546-3525 or DPW@Rockportma.gov

What if my address is not available for selection on the website?

If your address is missing from the drop down menu, please contact email us at DPW@Rockportma.gov or call 978-546-3525.

What is the process of buying stickers by mail?

Starting with the 2023/2024 Sticker Season, City Hall Systems will NO LONGER be accepting mail in Sticker Applications and no longer accepting call in applications. Please complete your order online.

If you are unable to complete your form online, please come into the DPW Office at Town Hall at 34 Broadway, Rockport MA 01966 (checks must be written payable to the Town of Rockport) with ALL required information as we have computer terminals for resident use and we can assist you with your order. Once your application has been reviewed and successfully processed, your stickers will be mailed to you. Please allow up to 2 weeks for processing due to potential mail delays. Seniors can also utilize the Senior Center for help. Stickers are NOT AVAILABLE at Town Hall as funds must clear and license plates must be processed and cleared through our vendors system once entered.

What is the process of buying stickers by phone?

Call City Hall Systems is no longer accepting phone in orders. Please complete your application online or drop by the DPW Office for assistance filling out online.

Who should I contact if I have a question or issues?

Please call the DPW Office at 978-546-3525 or email us at DPW@Rockportma.gov

Who can apply for a Resident Parking Sticker?

Resident Parking Stickers will only be issued to vehicles registered to a Rockport property owner/taxpayer, or a renter with a year-round lease. If the address on the vehicle registration is not a Rockport address, a property tax bill or lease agreement will be needed to purchase stickers. Lease agreements must be a valid agreement as well as indicate yearly rental to qualify.

Who can apply for a Rockport Transfer Station Sticker?

Rockport Transfer Station stickers will be issued to vehicles registered to a Rockport property owner/taxpayer, or a renter with a valid annual rental agreement. If the address on the vehicle registration is not a Rockport address, a property tax bill or lease agreement from your landlord will be needed to purchase stickers. All Rockport household and business units are required to purchase separate Transfer Station stickers for each unit. If you own/manage multiple units and/or transport trash for additional dwellings, you must complete a separate application for each unit. Please call the DPW Office if you do not drive a vehicle and need assistance with available options.

May I get a Resident Parking Sticker if I own a business in Rockport?

A non-resident business owner may apply for one parking sticker only. The business owner may choose to have his/her manager have the parking sticker instead of him/herself. Only one (1) parking sticker will be issued to a business. Due to limited parking there are NO EXCEPTIONS to this regulation.

If I own a summer residence in Rockport, can my family members apply for resident parking stickers?

Family members of the owners of summer residences, including Long Beach, will not be issued a Parking Sticker unless their vehicle is registered in Rockport or they can show ownership of the property. Beneficiaries do not qualify - ONLY TRUSTEES named on the Trust document. 

Can commercial vehicles apply for Rockport parking or beach stickers?

Rockport resident parking and non-resident beach stickers will not be issued to any truck over one ton, construction equipment or dump trucks.If your vehicle is not approved automatically, please call the DPW at 978-546-3525 to follow up.

Can I use the Rockport Transfer Station if I do not have a Transfer Station Sticker?

No. You must purchase a PAYT Sticker to access the Transfer Station. All trash must be contained in Rockport Blue PAYT bags prior to disposal into the solid waste trailers.

Can a Rockport business use the Rockport Transfer Station?

Yes, the vehicle of a business owner whose business is established in Rockport, who owns property or leases property in Rockport and can verify their status as a lessee, may be issued a Transfer Station sticker. All Rockport household and business units are required to purchase separate Transfer Station stickers for each unit. If you own/manage multiple units and/or transport trash for additional dwellings, you must complete a separate application for each unit.

Do I qualify for senior status?

If you are a resident of Rockport and are 65 years old or older when ordering, you qualify for the senior discounted pricing on the Resident Parking and PAYT stickers. Please note that senior status pricing will only apply to cars registered to the person claiming senior status. Any stickers purchased for vehicles registered to non-seniors must pay full rates.

Where does the Resident Parking Sticker allow you to park?

Resident parking stickers are required for anyone wishing to park in the Resident lots/spaces around town. The Resident Lots are located next to Town Hall, on T-Wharf, and at the end of Seaview Street. The resident stickers are also good at many locations near downtown and the beaches.

Where do I place my sticker on my car?

ALL Stickers are to be placed on the FRONT WINDSHIELD of your car. All Transfer Station and Resident Parking Stickers must be affixed to the inside of your car’s front windshield with the adhesive supplied on the sticker. Resident Parking stickers and Transfer Station Stickers shall be placed in either the lower driver's side front windshield area or adjacent to the rear view mirror on the driver’s side front windshield in order for the sticker(s) to be valid. Additionally, the previous year's sticker(s) need to be removed prior to affixing the new sticker. Stickers are not transferable to other vehicles. A replacement sticker must be purchased if you later own a new vehicle. Parking tickets will be issued if your sticker is not placed in the front windshield and appeals to reduce or remove the fine will NOT be honored.

When is the Rockport Transfer Station open?

Normal business hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 7:00 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. (Summer Hours include Sundays - call to verify 978-546-3525 DPW Office) Please call to verify operating hours on holidays and in inclement weather.

Exceptions: New Years Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, President's Day, Patriots' Day, Memorial Day, Juneteenth, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day (and the day after), and Christmas Day, and early closures as announced for inclement weather, and holidays observed.

Off-hour access is prohibited.

Where can I purchase PAYT bags?

The PAYT bags can be purchased in Rockport at the Transfer Station, Cumberland Farms, Rockport Market, and may also be purchased in Gloucester at Shaw’s, Stop and Shop, or Market Basket. 

When do I need a Specialty/Bulk Item coupon?

If you wish to dispose of bulk items over 30" into the solid waste trailers or have other specialty items such as mattresses, box springs, televisions and freon based appliances, you will need to purchase a Specialty/Bulk Item Coupon. If you have any questions about which items require a special coupon for disposal, please see the attendant at the Transfer Station.

How do I dispose of freon based appliances, CRTs, and televisions?

Freon based appliances (e.g. refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners) and CRTs and televisions will be accepted at the Transfer Station for disposal. You must first purchase a Rockport Transfer Station Specialty/Bulk Item Coupon to dispose of the item. If you have any questions about disposal of freon based appliances or TVs/CRTs, please see the attendant at the Transfer Station.

What do I do if I need a replacement sticker?

Replacement stickers can be obtained online. There is a charge of $10 for each replacement sticker, old stickers must be returned to the Town Hall Office or full price will apply. Once you submit your application, your sticker will not be mailed out until a staff member verified and approves after your old sticker was returned. Please email DPW@Rockportma.gov if you need assistance.


Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Brian Moore Transfer Station Foreman 978-546-3578
Don Greel Operations Supervisor 978-546-3525