DPW-GIS Division

Rockport’s GIS is managed in the Engineering Division of the Public Works Department. The GIS Program Manager provides maps, data, and spatial analysis to the Town’s departments, boards, and committees. In addition, GIS maps and data are available to the public through the use of our online interactive mapping tool, static pdf maps or digital data available for purchase. Follow the links to explore Rockport’s GIS program!

The information in Rockport’s GIS is provided as a reasonably accurate point of reference, but is not intended to represent authoritative location, and is not to be used for conveyances. The Town of Rockport shall not be held responsible for the accuracy or misuse of these data.. It is the responsibility of the user of the GIS data and/or GIS products to evaluate their suitability for the intended purpose. Reliance upon GIS data or documents furnished by the Town of Rockport is at the risk of the user.

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