Stickers (Transfer Station, Resident Parking and Beach)


In-person Sticker Ordering Assistance - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 10 am to 2 pm (entering application only - no stickers are available to print at the Town Hall Office)

CURRENT STICKERS expired 5/31/23, new stickers will be mailed by City Hall Systems weekly. Please allow time for processing.

Resident, Non-Resident and Business Frequenty Asked Questions for Stickers click here!

Service Fees, NSF Fees, Refunds, Troubleshooting and Ordering IMPORTANT INFO please read below!

ALL payments, check or credit card, will incur a service fee. The Town of Rockport only receives your invoice payment amount only. The service fee is assessed by the processor, City Hall Systems.

City Hall Systems decided as of this season 2023-2024 to NO LONGER accept mail in or call in applications - ONLINE APPLICATIONS ONLY.
If you DO decide to mail in or drop off your application at Town Hall, the staff here will enter it for you, inputting your banking information, which is time consuming and will cause delays in processing.

Stickers are NON-Refundable once mailed and funds processed.

If you enter your checking information wrong, or do not have sufficient funds, you WILL be assessed a $25.00 NSF Fee by the Town per MA General Law

Online processes are secure, they save paper, time and resources.

The Town encourages everyone to PLEASE purchase transfer station, resident parking and non-resident beach stickers online. Payment by credit card is immediate, where echeck does have a 5-7 day payment hold process and validation will take a bit longer. Stickers will not be issued until funds clear.

Application forms can be dropped off at the Town Hall DPW Office if you are unable to enter online. We can also assist you enter in office on our office computer.
Beach sticker applications received at Town Hall will be entered by DPW Staff and City Hall Systems convenience fees will still apply. 

All sticker will be processed and mailed by City Hall Systems - we do not print stickers at Town Hall.

Stickers can be purchased online at:

If you require assistance, please call the DPW Office at 978-546-3525 and we will direct you.


If when submitting your order, after clicking “add to cart” button at the bottom of the page you do not advance to the payment bill cart, but instead remain on the page, the likely reason is either:

You did not click the box to accept terms
  • You did not fill out vehicle info for EACH sticker
  • You did not complete a required field
  • Your upload files are too large: Files must be smaller than 5MB, please submit as PDF, photo files (JPG) tend to be larger size files. If you are trying to submit picture files, please save it first in the lowest resolutions available. If you can not reduce size, please just leave the uploads blank, and mail your documents to and we can verify manually.
If you are still having difficulty submitting online, please call 978-546-3525 or come into the office for for help in person M – Thursday 10 am to 2 pm which are our sticker assistance hours.


The Town of Rockport requires residents to have all stickers affixed to their FRONT windshield. (Parking Stickers affixed to back windshields or not affixed to front windshields, resulting in a Parking Ticket, will not be waived in a Parking Ticket Appeal).

If I own a summer residence in Rockport, can my family members apply for resident parking stickers?

Family members of the owners of summer residences, including Long Beach, will not be issued a Parking Sticker unless their vehicle is registered in Rockport or they can show partial ownership of the property.

PROPERTY OWNERSHIP - TRUSTEES - With respect to residential real property owned by a trust, the trustee(s) shall be deemed owner of said property. A trustee of any trust identified in the current Assessors’ records as the record owner of residential real property in Rockport or the holder of a beneficial interest in any such trust property, as certified by the trustee in a Certificate of Trustee or such signed document, shall be eligible for a sticker, provided, however, that beneficiaries of a trust who are not primary residents of Rockport shall not be eligible for stickers. Such persons may purchase Non Resident Beach Stickers. With respect to residential property owned by a LLC or a LLP, the Managing Member or the Managing Partner shall be deemed owners of said property. * Properties listed in a LLC - Only managers of the property are eligible for stickers. Members are not entitled to a RESIDENT parking sticker.