Stickers (Transfer Station, Resident Parking and Beach)

Stickers for the 2022/2023 Season (4/1/22 to 5/31/23) will be available on 4/1/22 Online here:
Resident Parking, Transfer Station and Beach stickers available

Stickers expire 5/31/23 - there are no refunds and stickers are not prorated so be sure to purchase in for the season you wish to utilize the sticker.

The Town of Rockport requires residents to have a Transfer Station Sticker affixed to their FRONT windshield to dispose of trash and recyclable materials.

(Parking Stickers affixed to back windshields or not affixed to front windshields, resulting in a Parking Ticket, will not be waived in a Parking Ticket Appeal).

Stickers for the new sticker year (4/1/22 to 5/31/23) may be purchased online as of 4/1/22 or by phone at (508) 381-5456. Stickers are NOT available or sold at Town Hall. 

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For a mail-in paper application, see the link below.