Volunteer Opportunities

Senior Citizen Property Tax Work-Off Abatement Application
All volunteer opportunities listed below are eligible (but not required) for the tax work off program.
For more information and application click the link below:


Bingo Caller:
Volunteer needed Monday afternoons 1:00 - 3:30pm
Duties = Call Bingo rounds for a group of Seniors at the Community House.


Wait Staff (scheduled monthy)
Needed approximately twice monthy at lunch time.
Duties = assist with setup / serving /clean up of the monthy special meals.


Room Setup Assistance
Needed Daily approximately 8:30 - 9:00 am. May choose one or more days per week.
Duties = Setup and arrange tables and chairs for the daily Senior activities.
For Further information please contact Diane Bertolino at 978-546-2573  or    dbertolino@rockportma.gov