Earth Day Celebration/Clean-Up: April 21, 2018

earth day


Since 1970, the celebration of Earth Day has become an annual worldwide event with over 193 countries now showing their support for environmental protection and the importance of thinking globally but acting locally. 

Rockport’s Conservation Commission is gearing up for its annual Earth Day Celebration/Clean-Up which will be held on Saturday, April 21st from 8-11 a.m. and they invite the public to participate in the celebration.   Participants (individuals, groups, etc.) choose a location that in Town to focus on and improve; it might be a matter of cleaning up trash, planting grass, flowers, trees, painting a structure that has seen better days, or really whatever they would like to focus on to do their own little part.  If you are interested in helping to keep our beautiful town clean and pristine, please call 978-546-5005 to let them know your clean-up location (and if there will be debris to be picked up, please let them know so they can notify the DPW to pick up the following week.   Or, you may join the Rockport Conservation Members at the Town's new Woodland Acres.  Trash bags are available at the Conservation Office.

Over the years, the Conservation Commission has improved areas such as Pine Pit (off of Curtis Street) which was once an informal dumping ground; one year, volunteers found – and pulled out – seven automobile tires that had been discarded in the water.  Other areas that have benefited from Earth Day volunteers' efforts include Granite Pier, Pingree Park, all six beaches, the new Sandpiper Property, and several other areas.

For more information, you may contact Geralyn Falco, Conservation Agent or Marianne Peters, Administrative Assistant at 978-546-5005 or or