Wednesday, May 15, 2019 - 5:15pm

15 May  2019

AHWC meeting, 5:15 Police station


Old Business

                Earth Day (Laura and Janet)                      

                Watershed Protection progress. (Diane and Tom) More info from Essex Greenbelt re what letters went to whom 10-15 yrs ago?   Plan for sharing info with Commissioners and Selectmen

                Open # Comm.  Discuss report

                2019 prioritized AHWC tasks  :

                                2019 tasks: Gate in front of water house; signage around drinking water, update brochures, bulletin board at Transfer Station, removal of huge black water pipe from South Woods; prioritize and draft budget request for 2020

AHWC Volunteers to research how other communities have tackled large, potential  20/20 AHWC projects such as bigger working with MBTA to get creosote ties replaced by cement,  tap testing. Commissioners would be interested in an AHWC survey of how other towns handled tap testing so we can budget for it in 2020

                Attending DPW meetings: Status

New Business

                Water ban (discuss)


Nuts and Bolts:

                Next meeting