Why do we bother protecting wetlands anyway?

Wetland protection laws don't just protect wetlands…They also protect people and human interests! This is a fact that often gets lost in the wetlands permitting process… wetlands' function is to protect and preserve many things that people care about. Wetland resources work for all of us by functioning to protect the following "statutory interests":

  • Protection of public and private drinking water supply
  • Protection of groundwater supply
  • Flood control
  • Storm damage prevention
  • Prevention of pollution
  • Protection of land containing shellfish
  • Protection of fisheries
  • Protection of wildlife habitat as well as additional "town values" under the Rockport Wetlands Protection By-law
  • Protection from and prevention of erosion and sedimentation
  • Storm damage prevention including coastal storm flowage
  • Protection of water quality
  • Prevention of water pollution
  • Protection of rare species' habitat including rare plant species
  • Agriculture
  • Aquaculture
  • Recreation values deemed important to the community

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1. Where can I purchase sediment control products?
2. What is the procedure for obtaining approval from the Conservation Commission? My project may be in an area regulated by the commission jurisdiction.
3. What information is needed to present a project? If approved by the Conservation Commission, are other approvals needed?
4. What are the laws and rules that regulate wetlands in Rockport?
5. How do I find out if my property is in a location that has activities regulated by the Rockport Conservation Commission?
6. Can I clean out my stream?
7. Do I need to file for permission to do landscaping?
8. How long does it take to begin a project once my application has been submitted?
9. Do I need to hire an engineer or wetland scientist?
10. What do I do with the department of environmental protection file number?
11. What does abutters' notification mean?
12. What happens if I do not file an application?
13. Which permit application should I use for my project?
14. Upon submitting my application, how long does it take to be put on the agenda?
15. Which areas are protected wetlands?
16. Why can’t I just fill in the little swamp in the backyard?
17. Why do I have to file with the Conservation Commission?
18. Why do we bother protecting wetlands anyway?
19. Can the Conservation Commission give me advice on what I can and cannot do on my property?