Which areas are protected wetlands?

Wetlands are protected under state law (the MA Wetlands Protection Act and its regulations) and/or under the local by-law (the Town of Rockport Wetlands By-law and its regulations). Any work taking place within 100 feet of a wetland (e.g. beach, coastal bank, stream, marsh, vernal pool, etc.) requires prior review and approval to ensure that no adverse impact will occur in these areas. Rivers and perennial streams are protected by state law to 200 feet from the mean annual high water mark. This is called the Riverfront Area and there is a maximum of 10% disturbance in the outer 100 to 200 feet, and in most circumstances, no additional disturbance is allowed beyond this. 

Please note: This disturbance is the maximum allowed in extreme cases and is not considered a right of the applicant.

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