How long does it take to begin a project once my application has been submitted?

The permitting process, barring any obstacles, will take at least eight weeks before an applicant may start work. The applicant is required to present the proposed project at one of the Commission's public hearings.

Generally, your first public hearing is continued until the next scheduled meeting, pending a site visit (the Commission usually conducts a site visit on the Saturday following the first hearing). The second public hearing is used to discuss the findings of the site visit. If the Commission finds no issues from the first hearing or the site visit, the public hearing is then considered closed. No further information may be presented to the Commission after the public hearing has been closed.

The Commission has 21 days to make a decision and usually discusses a DRAFT Permit/Order of Conditions (OC) at its next meeting. Finding no major issues with the DRAFT OC, the Commission will sign it at the meeting and it will be sent to the applicant within the following days via certified mail. The date of issuance begins the state's 10-business day appeal period. Once the appeal period has ended and no appeal of the permit has been made, the applicant must record the OC with the Registry of Deeds in Salem (there is a recording fee of approximately $75 at the Registry). Then other "Pre-Construction" orders must be fulfilled before work may begin.

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