How do I find out if my property is in a location that has activities regulated by the Rockport Conservation Commission?

In general, if the proposed work will be within 100 feet of a wetland or 200 feet of a stream, it is regulated by both the state Wetland Protection Act and a locale-specific Rockport Wetland Bylaw. The resource need not be only on your land but could be on an adjacent private or public property. Only the distance from activity to resource is important and property lines are not considered by Conservation. The term wetland describes a variety of resource areas that may not always look wet. They are in both inland and coastal areas which may be described as, marshes, wet meadows, bogs, swamps, vernal pools, banks, reservoirs, lakes, ponds of any size, quarry pits and motions, rivers, streams, creeks, beaches, dunes, estuaries, the ocean, lands under water bodies, lands subject to any flooding or inundation by groundwater or surface water. In short, any area that is wet or an area that collects water at any time, or the protective buffer to these areas may be regulated.

This question is covered in full detail in the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act (G.L. Chapter 131 Section 40), the Rockport Wetlands Protection By-law (Rockport Code of Bylaws, Chapter 14), and the Wetland Bylaw Rules and Regulations, revised February 29, 2012. Also, some of the information is displayed visually on specified layers in the town GIS mapping system. All of these things may be used for reference but ultimately the determination is made by the Rockport Conservation Commission if something is regulated.

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