What information is needed to present a project? If approved by the Conservation Commission, are other approvals needed?

The information needed for our review is also dependent on the project and its location. The Massachusetts Wetland Protection Act (WPA) and the town Wetland Bylaw and Regulations (WBR) list the information needed for applying for a Request For Determination (RFD) or Notice of Intent (NOI). Larger projects and projects more likely to directly affect a resource area could require a professional's involvement. Small projects and ones not near the resource area may only require a sketch and a written work description. The information must accurately portray the current conditions and the work you propose sufficiently to serve as a record of what you are requesting. If you contact the Conservation Agent, she will work with you so that you understand the information your project will require.

All decisions by the Conservation Commission are only in relation to our Department's review of the proposed work and requirements of the WPA and WBR. It is the property owner's responsibility to get all other approvals and permissions as needed before commencing any work.

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