I Suspect Mold in My Apartment; What Should I Do?

You should immediately contact your landlord/property manager to show them your concern and point out that you suspect that it may be mold. Your landlord/property manager should have an expert inspect the premises and remediate at once if so (at their expense). If you have attempted to work with your landlord/property manager and the problem/suspicion persists, contact the Health Agent to log a complaint and request an inspection (there is no cost for the inspection). Any and all violations will need to be remediated on a particular timetable. The Board of Health assesses a fine for violations not remediated; non-payment of the fines can result in a Housing Court Order and is punishable by Massachusetts Law.

The Centers for Disease Control is a good source for information about the various types of mold, mold remediation, and other useful insight; visit the Basic Facts about Mold and Dampness page on the CDC website for more information.

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