Why is stormwater pollution so bad?

As stormwater flows, it accumulates whatever is in the street - trash, oil, waste, fertilizer, pesticides, chemicals, and other potential pollutants. That polluted runoff (stormwater pollution) flows across the street, down storm drain inlets, through stormwater pipes, to places where the pipes empty directly - without filtration or cleaning, into our water bodies. In Rockport, there are more than 150 potential outfalls.

Polluted runoff causes beach closures, kills aquatic life, and threatens our drinking water sources. In Massachusetts, stormwater runoff and discharges from stormwater drain pipes are the largest contributors to water quality problems in our rivers, streams, and marine waters. It is far less costly to prevent pollution to water bodies than it is to clean them up after the fact. Keeping stormwater clean not only benefits our neighborhood and community, but the entire network of water bodies and land.

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2. Why is stormwater pollution so bad?
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