How do I request a map/data?

Hardcopy maps and data from Rockport's GIS Division are available at Town Hall, or online through the links provided on the GIS Division homepage.

Printed Maps

"Standard Maps" are available to the public as hard copies based on the fee schedule itemized on the map order form. PDFs are always available, free of charge, for download. Visit the Map Catalog page for more information.

GIS Data Requests

Those requesting digital GIS data are required to complete the data request form. This form includes a user agreement and disclaimer and must be digitally signed by the person or entity requesting the data. This request will include all publicly available data (see the GIS Data Dictionary/Metadata page) and will be provided as a CD, or a downloadable link. 

Please note: The data provided is in ESRI GDB format. No clipping, format conversions, coordinate system reprojections, or analysis will be performed by the Town. No exceptions.

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4. How do I request a map/data?