Licensing and Permits

This page is a consolidated list of all the permits, licenses and applications found on the Town of Rockport's website. If you believe we have missed a permit, license or application that should be on this page please let us know by emailing

DPW Permits

For the following permits please visit the DPW Permitting page found here.

  • Commercial Beach and Park Permits
  • Contractor Registration Application
  • Driveway & Curb Cut Permit
  • Road Opening Permit
  • Street & Sidewalk Obstruction Permit
  • Trench Opening Permit
  • Water, Sewer, Drainage, and Inflow & Infiltration Permit

Fire Department Permits

Inspectional Services Permits

The following permit applications can be found here.

  • Accessory Dwelling Unit
  • Building Permit Application
  • Electrical Fees 
  • Electrical Permit Application 
  • Electrical-Wiring Permit Application 
  • Fee Schedule 
  • Gas Permit Application 
  • Plumbing Permit Application 
  • Sheet Metal Permit Application 
  • Wetlands Protection Act - accompanies all Building Permit Applications 
  • Workers Compensation Insurance Affidavit

Board of Selectman Permits and Licenses

The following permits and licenses can be found here.

  • Alcohol Licenses
  • Canvassing License
  • Common Victuallers License
  • Constable License
  • Entertainment License
  • Hawkers and Peddlers License 
  • Innholder License 
  • Livery License 
  • Lodging House License 
  • Taxi Cab License 
  • Transient Vendors License 
  • Used Car Dealer License 
  • Filming Permit 
  • Home Occupation Permit 
  • Home Occupation Permit to Operator a Three Room Guest House 
  • Live Music Permit 
  • Outdoor Display Permit 
  • Yard Sale Permit 
  • Boat Charter Business Permit 
  • Sign Permit - Bearskin Neck
  • Sign Permit - General
  • Temporary Sign Permit
  • Temporary Sign Permit for Realtors
  • Welcome to Rockport Sign

Board of Health

A list of Permits and Fees can be found here

Historical Commission

Planning Board

The following application can be found here.

  • Approval Not Required (ANR) Application (Form A)
  • Planning Board Fees 
  • Site Plan Review (SPR) Application
  • Site Plan Review Application and Checklist for Major projects