Safe Disposal of Medication & Syringes

Keep medication from entering the waterways and contaminating surface waters -- ultimately affecting our drinking water
Keep medications out of landfills. Prevent medications from getting into the wrong hands.

You can use it to drop off prescription, over-the-counter or veterinary medications including expired medications and prescription meds you no longer need.

Disposal of Medication:
The kiosk at the Main Entrance of the Rockport Police Station, 168 Main Street, Rockport (must be in puncture-proof container)
Place unwanted meds into the original bottle or a plastic baggie. NO SYRINGES PLEASE

Disposal of Needles, Syringes, and Lancets:
The foyer at the Main Entrance of the Addison Gilbert Hospital at 298 Washington Street, Gloucester  978-283-4000 (must be in puncture-proof container.) North Shore Health Project - Onestop Harm Reduction Program, 39 Center Street (across from K-9 Cuts), Gloucester (Note:  For more information about the North Shore Health Project's Onestop Harm Reduction Program and services, click here.) The kiosk at Addison Gilbert has a one-way opening and can accommodate 1-lb coffee cans, 1-gallon bleach bottles, and other puncture-proof containers that are sealed with tape. Loose needles cannot be placed in the kiosk. The information desk at the hospital will provide (at no charge) personal-sized sharps containers by request. Medications and other medical supplies cannot be placed in the kiosk. If you find a needle on a public way, please call the Rockport Police Department non-emergency line at 978-546-1212.   Provide the location of the needle(s) with as much detail as possible so that the responding officers can locate the waste.