Replacement Stickers

If you have sold your vehicle, replaced your windshield or had your car totaled in an accident, PLEASE do your best to remove as much of your Town of Rockport Stickers as possible (a little water helps to peel the sticker off) and bring in the old stickers to the DPW Office at Town Hall. Please bring your vehicle registration if you have purchased your new vehicle.

(Even if you are keeping the same license plates, please come in for a replacement sticker as Traffic Enforcement does check vehicle info on stickers - Make Model Color in addition to plate number!)

Once we receive your stickers back, we will process your REPLACEMENT ORDER for a $10.00 per sticker fee (Cash, Check or Credit Card).

Replacement stickers are NOT available automatically online on the City Hall Systems website as we require proof your old stickers are removed and returned to us before processing!

We MUST receive back the old sticker in order to honor the replacement fee. You can also mail us the stickers for the vehicle you sold, to the address below, with a copy of your new registration for new purchases. Please enclose a check for $10.00 per sticker as well as a self-addressed stamped envelope for the car you are replacing and we can process your order and mail the new stickers out to you.

Email us at if you have any additional questions.