Mattress and Textile Recycling and Bulk Items

Bulk item coupons for use at the transfer station may be purchased directly at the Transfer Station by check or credit card. See Bulk Item and Recycling Item list for coupon fees for various disposal items, as well as No Fee items.

As of 11/1/22 Mattresses and Textiles were added to the list of materials banned from disposal or transport for disposal in Massachusetts.  These new state rules require mattresses and textiles be kept out of the trash so they can be recycled or donated for reuse.See the MassDEP website for more information:

Due to this new regulation, we have contracted with a Mattress Recycling vendor, and will continue to collect mattresses and box springs for a bulk item fee, and their components will be recycled after being deconstructed at their facility. Please see attendant for details.

All size mattresses and box springs - $40.00 - see Transfer Station attendant.

Textiles can be placed in the Swap Shop or Textile Donation bins at the entrance to the Transfer Station. There are several textile recycling collection containers representing various charities from which to choose.  You can use any of them to recycle unwanted clothing, shoes, hats, linens, and more - the list is extensive.  The town receives a small potion of proceeds, based on weight, which keeps the prices for operating costs lower. Following is a great resource on recycling textiles:


There is NO fee for laptops, (there is a $30 CRT for Monitors!) and to be sure, you can ask the attendants at the Transfer Station if you have any questions about how to dispose of or recycle your small wires, circuit boards,electronics as they likely can be placed with the laptops. The Foreman and/or attendants can give a better idea by looking at what you actually have. If you need to recycle a fee item, such as a monitor, you can pay via check or credit card right at the Transfer Station.

Another valuable resource: