Zoning Administrator

In certain kinds of cases, the applicant may elect to seek relief from a Zoning Administrator instead of from the Board.  A Zoning Administrator has the authority to grant the following:

  • a special permit for enlargement, change, or alteration of any existing building

  • a special permit for an accessory dwelling

  • a special permit for conversion of any existing building into a two-family dwelling or an apartment house

  • a special permit for reduced accessory building setbacks

  • a variance of dimensional requirements to ratify an existing structure

  • a variance of frontage requirements in the case of an existing lot that abuts a way or street but cannot use its apparent frontage for access

Hearings before a Zoning Administrator may be scheduled with greater flexibility as to date and time, although public notice and advertising are required, and a Zoning Administrator's decision will normally be quicker. Any person aggrieved by the decision of a Zoning Administrator may appeal to the Board of Appeals. 

Contact Helen Barnett at hbarnett@rockportma.gov by email or at 978-546-5000 ext. 40280 for more information.