Community House

Located at 58 Broadway and home to the Rockport Council on Aging, the Community House is an integral part of the Town.  It is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Rockport Community House was originally built in 1864 to serve as the high school for the Town. It served as the Town's first public high school from 1865 until 1926 when a newer and larger school could be built for the rising number of enrollees and reopened in 1929 as the Town's Community Center.

Originally built as a single story, a second floor was added in 1869 to accommodate the rising enrollment.  In 1890, the school was again increased in size, adding the first of the rear additions to accommodate more students as well as labs for chemistry and physics, although adequate facilities for those classes were not added until 1908. The side addition was added in 1900 to provide a stairway, making additional room in the main part of the building. Continued overcrowding and issues with the age and inadequacy of its physical plant led to the construction of a new high school in 1926.

Rentals for the function rooms at the Rockport Community House: Please contact the DPW Business Office by emailing and providing information regarding your name, address, contact information, event date request and type of event. We will reach back out to you.