Town Government & Bylaw Committee



The Town Government and By-Law Committee serves Town Meeting as an advisory

committee pursuant to M.G. L. c. 39, Section 16. It consists of five members

appointed for staggered terms of three years each. The members of the Town

Government and By-Law Committee are appointed by the Moderator, the Chair of

the Select Board and the Town Clerk. In the event that a member does not complete

their term, the Moderator appoints a replacement to fill the term vacancy.

The Committee reviews all warrant articles that would, if adopted, affect or require

changes to the Rockport Code of By-Laws or to the Town Charter. The Committee is

responsible for a quinquennial (five-year) review and update of all By-Laws. The

Committee also investigates and reports, at anytime, on By-Laws that appear to

need revision because of non-compliance. The Committee does not review warrant

articles pertaining to Town Zoning By-Laws.

For Town Meetings, the Committee prepares a written report on warrant articles

reviewed by the Committee stating the Committee’s recommendation of favorable

action, unfavorable action, or no recommendation. In each case the Committee

provides its reasons therefor.