Campgrounds are available to individuals and groups for a charge of $5 per person/per day on Thacher Island, generally from June through August. For 2023, an opening date has not yet been determined. To assure campground space, reservations must be made through the Keepers by phone or radio. Potable (drinking) water cannot be provided. Campers must supply their own drinking water, food, shelter, and cooking facilities. An outdoor composting toilet is provided at the campground.

The island's wildlife sanctuary status prohibits the landing of pets.

The lighthouse towers are partially open to climb for the scenic views at the discretion of the Resident Keeper. The North Tower is not currently open for public access. The South Tower is open to climbers (159 steps) for a 360-degree view of the ocean and the mainland from the lantern room; there is no access to the outside gallery. Walking trails to scenic views and points of interest are maintained by Committee and Association volunteer workers.

No camping facilities are available on Straitsmouth Island.

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