Atlantic Path Update - 2020 06

To provide some clarity to the recent issues surrounding a portion of the Atlantic Path, the Town of Rockport provides the following statement:

There has been confusion relating to the role of the Conservation Commission and the Rights-of-Way Committee and 33-37 Phillips Avenue The Conservation Commission matters relating to 33-37 Phillips Avenue are separate and distinct from the Rights-of-Way matter regarding Atlantic Path. The Conservation Commission is currently reviewing an active project and Enforcement Order concerning that property. As the Conservation Chair correctly indicated at the last Conservation Commission meeting, the Rights-of-Way matter is not under their jurisdiction.

Regarding the Rights-of-Way matter, Town Counsel is currently working with the Owner's attorney on the matter. It is not in the best interests of the Town or the Atlantic Path to have a public meeting on the matter while the attorneys are attempting to address the situation, which is complex. The Town is committed to preserving the Atlantic Path, including working to expand access in other locations that have previously been restricted.

As soon as Counsel feels it would be appropriate to publicly discuss the matter, there will certainly be a public meeting or update on it. In the meantime, please know we are dedicating significant legal and administrative resources to addressing the matter.