Disposal of Medication, Syringes, & Mercury

Disposal of Medication

The kiosk at the Main Entrance of the Rockport Police Station, 168 Main Street, Rockport (must be in a puncture-proof container).

Disposal of Needles, Syringes & Lancets

  • The foyer at the Main Entrance of the Addison Gilbert Hospital at 298 Washington Street, Gloucester 978-283-4000.
    • Please note: Must be in a puncture-proof container. 
  • North Shore Health Project - Onestop Harm Reduction Program, 39 Center Street (across from K-9 Cuts), Gloucester.

The kiosk at Addison Gilbert has a one-way opening and can accommodate 1-lb coffee cans, 1-gallon bleach bottles, and other puncture-proof containers that are sealed with tape. Loose needles cannot be placed in the kiosk. The information desk at the hospital will provide (at no charge) personal-sized sharps containers by request. Medications and other medical supplies cannot be placed in the kiosk. If you find a needle on a public way, please call the Rockport Police Department non-emergency line at 978-546-1212. Provide the location of the needle(s) with as much detail as possible so that the responding officers can locate the waste.

Disposal of Mercury Items

  • The DPW Office/Town Hall, 34 Broadway, Rockport
  • The Transfer Station, 5 Blue Gate Lane, Rockport

Mercury is one of the most toxic and environmentally damaging elements we encounter in day-to-day use. Disposal of this liquid metal often involves federal, state, and local laws. The following products contain mercury and should be disposed of properly: Fluorescent light bulbs and lamps, including compact fluorescent lamps, tubes, high-intensity discharge lamps, and tanning lamps, and batteries can contain toxic metals such as mercury, cadmium, lead and nickel, thermometers used in monitoring body temperature, medical equipment such as blood pressure measuring devices (sphygmomanometers), esophageal dilators, and fever thermometers, thermostats used to regulate heating and cooling systems in homes and commercial buildings, appliances and 'white goods' (chest freezers, washing machines, gas ranges and gas hot water heaters contain mercury switches), sometimes car switches and some anti-lock braking systems can contain mercury, and jewelry can sometimes contain mercury.

For questions about the safe disposal of these mercury-related items, please call the DPW Office at 978-546-3525.