Community Health Needs Assessment

BH/AGH Community Health Needs Assessment

Beverly Hospital and Addison Gilbert have begun conducting their triennial Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA). The primary goal of the CHNA is to identify the priority health needs in the community, including various social, economic, and environmental factors that impact the ability to achieve optimal health and healthy equity, i.e. economic insecurity, transportation, access to care, housing insecurity, employment, economic development, education, etc. We greatly appreciate it if you could provide your input on the most pressing needs in your community where you live and/or work by taking approximately ten minutes to complete the provided survey.

  • The findings of the survey guide us in developing our three-year plan for addressing the community's priority needs and informing decisions about future investments in the community.
  • All participants have the opportunity to be entered into a drawing for $100, and all results will be kept confidential.
  • Access the Community Survey, along with the QR code if you prefer to access it via your mobile phone.

Contact for Questions / Concerns

Marylou Hardy, M.Ed., Regional Manager, Community Benefits and Community Relations
Addison Gilbert Hospital and Beverly Hospital
Email Marylou Hardy
Phone: 978-381-7585