State-Wide Beach Testing

  • State-wide beach testing data and status (open/closed for swimming) are available.
  • Rockport's public beaches are tested regularly during the summer season (June to September) for bacterial contamination.
  • All of Rockport's beaches generally test safe for swimming. However, people should avoid playing in streams or creeks, particularly after heavy rain. The streams at Long Beach and Front Beach typically have levels of bacteria unsafe for swimming for a day or two after heavy rains.

View the provided links regarding information about Beach Water Quality Testing in Massachusetts and Rockport:

No Smoking on Rockport's Beaches

As with many Massachusetts beaches and to ensure the health and enjoyment of all beachgoers smoking of any kind is prohibited at Rockport's municipally-owned beaches as of May 22, 2018: Long Beach, Cape Hedge Beach, Pebble Beach, Old Garden Beach, Front Beach, and Back Beach. This includes cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars, vaping, marijuana...smoking of any type is not allowed.