Air Quality

The Board of Health hopes to raise awareness of the importance of air quality. Air quality is important for people of all ages but in particular, small children, the elderly, and those individuals with respiratory problems, asthma, and other compromising health conditions. It is important to work together by individually being cognizant and responsible when it comes to polluting the air. Vehicles produce harmful exhaust that has an adverse effect on the environmental health of the community. Fortunately, most states have - and enforce - anti-idling laws and limits; for additional information, view the Quick Links and 'Cars, Trucks, and Vehicles' section under Air Quality.

Cars, Trucks, & Vehicle Pollution

Many people are unaware that Massachusetts has an anti-idling law that prohibits vehicles from idling (leaving the car engine running while parked) for more than 5 minutes; this includes livery, taxis, and delivery vehicles.

Idling within 100 yards of a school is also prohibited under the law.

Vehicles emit pollutants that contribute to asthma, cancer, and other health issues. Diesel exhaust is especially harmful, emitting fine particles that can cling to the lungs and cause lung cancer and premature death. Children and the elderly are most susceptible, but anyone already suffering from asthma or other respiratory problems is more prone to having health problems.

We hope to raise awareness in Rockport to help ensure a clean and healthy environment; by turning your vehicle engine off at the Transfer Station, the Train Station, while running into a shop, or any 'quick errand', remember that by turning your engine off, you will not only be saving fuel, but you will be helping to contribute to a healthier environment not only locally but globally as well.