Millbrook Meadow Committee


  • 7 pm
  • 3rd Wednesday of every month
  • Town Hall Annex
  • Conference Room


  • Laura Hallowell, Chair
  • Darrah Cole, Vice Chair
  • Ellen Lidington, Treasurer
  • Samual Coulbourn, Secretary
  • Richard Lorigan, Member
  • Dwight Valentine, Member


MeadowMillbrook Meadow is a seaside meadow accessible from King and Beach Streets and Mill Lane. From King Street, you can cross the new Mill Dam and enter the Meadow or you may use the stone stairway directly down to the Meadow. The stairway is a memorial to the quarry workers of Cape Ann. There is a small Welcoming Garden at the Beach Street entrance, which is right next to Front Beach.

The Mill Brook courses through the Meadow on its way from the Mill Pond, flowing through the Frog Pond and under First Settlers' Bridge, on its way to its outlet at the northern end of Front Beach.

The design for the Meadow focuses on the central open space and includes an area set aside for play equipment for children. In addition to the play equipment, the Meadow provides play spaces using natural materials and native plantings such as the mooring stone and the red dogwood maze. The Meadow provides a place of comfort and relaxation to young and old alike.

The Millbrook Meadow and Mill Pond Master Plan Report can be accessed here by visiting: Milone and MacBroom to access the conditions of the park, explore concepts for potential restorations, and develop a Master Plan for the project. Future phases of the work will prepare design specifications and cost estimates and provide for their implementation.

The Millbrook Meadow Committee has taken the lead for the Town as an advocate for the project and works closely with the DPW in its implementation. The Committee also coordinates the public outreach process to ensure the widest dissemination of the growing body of information being developed. In addition to the Town Departments and Committees involved, the Rockport Millbrook Meadow Conservancy has been established as a private sector, non-profit organization to solicit public input, private donations, and grants, and to channel them into the project. Residents are encouraged to visit the online sources of information on the project to learn more and explore ways in which lend their support to this important effort.