Water System Information

Water Filtration Plant BuildingRockport's drinking water is drawn primarily from Cape Pond and Carlson's Quarry Reservoirs. Additional sources are used to supplement both of these reservoirs, and when used are pumped directly into them to raise the water level for additional drinking water supply that can be drawn from these reservoirs. Water that is drawn from Cape Pond Reservoir is processed through a sand filter located within the original water filtration building known as the Rapid Sand Filtration Plant (RSF Plant). Water drawn from Carlson's Quarry is processed through the Town's newer water filtration plant known as the Dissolved Air Floatation Plant (DAF Plant). The two plants are located adjacent to each other and are typically operated simultaneously in order to produce sufficient quantities of filtered water that can be pumped into the water distribution system, providing most homes and businesses within the Town of Rockport with quality drinking water.

Water System Capacity Percentages

Water SystemCurrent Level (September 10, 2023)Level 1 Week AgoLevel 1 Year Ago
(September 11, 2022)
Current Storage Capacity (Days)Storage Capacity 
1 Year Ago (Days)
Cape Pond Reservoir 
(110 Million Gallons Max)
Carlson's Quarry 
(85 Million Gallons Max)
Total Reservoir System86.9%84.5%57.91%273 at .61 Million Gallons Per Day (MGD)182 at .62 Million Gallons Per Day (MGD)
Water Use RestrictionsNoNoYesN/AN/A

Water System Capacity in Gallons

N/AMaximum Capacity (Gallons)Current Volume (Gallons) 
(September 10, 2023)
Last Week's Volume (Gallons)Change in Volume Since 1 Week (Gallons)Volume This Week Last Year (Gallons)Change in Volume Since This Week Last Year (Gallons)
Cape Pond110,000,00089,170,00087,840,000Plus 1,330,00053,470,000Plus 35,700,000
Carlson's Quarry85,000,00080,450,00076,950,000Plus 3,500,00059,460,000Plus 20,990,000
Total System195,000,000169,620,000164,790,000Plus 4,830,000112,930,000Plus 56,690,000