Business Certificates

How to Obtain a Business Certificate (DBA)

  • Complete the Business Certificate Form (attached below)
  • Have the Form Notarized. (This can be done in the Town Clerk's Office or by any Notary Public.)
  • Bring the Form to the Town Clerk's Office with a $25 payment. Cash or Check accepted.

Whenever you are conducting business under a name other than your own or the corporation's, you must obtain a DBA (Doing Business As) Certificate from the Town Clerk in the Town where the business is located. The DBA certificate is maintained in a public file and allows consumers to identify and locate the proprietor.

To Obtain a Business Certificate by Mail

  • Complete the Business Certificate Form (attached below) and print it out.
  • Have the Form Notarized.
  • Mail the Form with a Self-Addressed and Stamped Envelope, a $25 payment to:
    • Town Clerks Office
      34 Broadway
      Rockport, MA 01966

The filing fee for a DBA certificate is $25. The certificate may be filed in person or by mail and must be notarized in person. The certificate must be renewed every 4 years. Make checks payable to the Town Of Rockport

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