Winter Parking Ban

A new winter overnight parking ban regulation has been enacted. The new regulation will change our existing parking practices in three important ways:

  1. When the winter overnight parking ban will be in effect;
  2. How we notify the public that a winter overnight parking ban is in effect; and

Previously, the winter overnight parking ban began on November 15th and would last until March 15th regardless of weather or road conditions. Beginning November 15, 2017, a winter parking ban will now be implemented based on weather and road conditions as determined by the Police Chief and Director of Public Works. The public will be notified by 5 pm on the day(s) that the overnight parking ban will be in effect. As a reminder, when a winter ban is put into effect, all vehicles, unless they are parked for emergency situations, must be off all roads plowed by the Department of Public Works between the hours of midnight (midnight) and 6 am

The public will be notified through various methods including but not limited to:

  1. CodeRED Notification System - If you are not registered, please sign up on the CodeRED Page.
  2. Social Media
    • Facebook:
      • Rockport Police Department, Massachusetts (@RockportPolice)
      • Rockport, MA DPW (@rockportdpw)
      • Rockport Town Administrator (@RockportTA)
    • Twitter:
      • Rockport DPW (@RockportMADPW)
      • Rockport Town Administrator (@RockportTA)
  3. Town website
  4. Dedicated informational phone recording is accessible by calling 978-546-5000, ext. 4SNOW (47669).

Kiosks located in the areas of Back Beach, Front Beach, Main Street, and School Street will remain operational between April 15th and November 15th The kiosk parking charge season has been extended to help ensure the availability of parking spaces during daytime hours in the downtown business area.

Safe road conditions for our schools, residents, and businesses remain the utmost priority when determining when to enact a winter overnight parking ban. Please help make this new approach to winter parking a success by signing up for CodeRED.