Appeal / Hearing Process


Appeals or Hearing requests for a ticket must be done within 21 days from the date of the original violation in writing. Please be aware that you must choose between doing either a written appeal or appearing in person for a hearing. Appeals can be mailed to: P.O. Box 150 Rockport MA, 01966 or you can email them to the Parking Clerk. Once a decision is made in either case it is final. Appeals after this 21-day period will be heard solely at the discretion of the hearing officer and may not be granted. Again, all appeals/requests must be made in writing; they may also be done online at Parking Ticket Appeal.

Please note: Emailed appeal responses will come from so please watch your inbox as well as your spam/junk folder.

Obstructing traffic or parking on a crosswalk or sidewalk is a violation even if it is only partial. The following do not constitute valid reasons for dismissing a ticket:

  • You did not see the No Parking sign or Residents Only sign
  • You did not know that parking was restricted in that area (such as a Residents Only parking zone)
  • You were there only for a short time
  • You have never been ticketed for this violation before
  • There were no other places to park
  • You think that the fine is too high and can't afford to pay it

Starting 2020/2021 all stickers are to be placed on the front windshield of your vehicle. Resident Parking Stickers and Transfer Station Stickers must be displayed on the lower left corner of the vehicle's front windshield or the windshield adjacent to the rearview mirror on the driver's side in order for the sticker(s) to be valid. Additionally, the previous year's sticker(s) need to be removed prior to affixing the new sticker.

Please note: This information was also sent out with new sticker(s).

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